About Us

With the vision to bring wellbeing products with authenticity and purity we established the brand Satchitanand - The Bliss Store. Our objective at Satchitanand Store is to create a Standard of products that is assuring and are safe & gentle on use with your loved ones. The word Sat-Chit-anand is where everything comes together like it is Sat is your Sat or Satvik, Chit is you Maans (Maan) and Anand is Joy so the idea is to bring sanctity and bliss to our product and offer in such a way that they make you blissful and contribute to your wellbeing.

Our offering of products are for the purpose to create therapeutic effect on use as these create an earthly presence around the space, this has been seen by experience of the space after and before the use. The products are well observed and tested to create best visual and olfactory experiences when used in a certain manner.

Satchitanand - The Bliss Store is not just an organisation or a brand it’s a thought process, a lifestyle and way of being. We at The Bliss Store are working to make the gifts of earth come straight to you in best of the best possible forms.

Our Product Range:

100% Natural Pure Essential Oil that can be used tropically and aromatically;

Proprietary Blends made from Essential Oil which has an scientific approach in it’s formulation;

Aromatic Candles for adding just the right ambiance and aroma in your home & office;

Signature Aroma Diffuser Lamps for home & office;

Fragrant Oil Burners, Incense Sticks and Various Aroma Diffusing Essentials;

Customised Pure Essential Oil Blends for various uses and applications;

Bath Salts for a Luxury bathing experience;

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps for the best of cleansing and healing ambiance;

Real Energy Healing Crystals for Healing Practices.

Our Wellness Consultation: 

In this our work includes assisting you to create consciously designed living & working spaces. We help in managing areas at work space for creating better environment that brings conducive results and Building a Sustainable work design for everyday effortless executions.

Our Retail arm spreads over whole of Country through e-commerce channels and Corporate through our Jaipur Office. For more details please feel free to Contact Us on our numbers or write us a mail at [email protected] and we can make things for your custom requirements.